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Waaa.  I have been the worst WW ever.  I haven’t been tracking my points, I am now back to where I started a few months ago and need to give back my “I lost 5% sticker.”  I am still running, 3-4 miles a few days per week, so yay for that.  But running makes me hungrier.  Plus having any crunchy, carby things in the house is bad as is having any type of pie or cake or cookies.  And they keep showing up.  Some jerk keeps buying them (I’ll blame Butch here…) 

But so I’ll head back to a WW meeting tomorrow (I’ve missed quite a few weeks and there is nothing like the embarassment of weighing in publicly to make you pay attention to your diet.) And I’ll keep on trekking on the treadmill (I’m running a 10K in April and possibly a 5K before that!)  And I’ll get it together yet again.


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Here’s last years post about resolutions.   I actually completed some of these as well as a few from years past.  Here is the year before that’s list that included things from the year before that.  I’ve gotten through a good number of these things also.  From the big list I’ve finally gotten an anti-depressant (controlling not only depression but also previously undiagnosed OCD).  I’ve learned how to drive a car.  I’m not great at it yet; I haven’t gotten a license yet, but I could get your from Point A to Point B without killing you or any pedestrians.  I’m still no good at money or controlling what I eat.   

The most important two from last year I have completed:  I bought a treadmill and not only ran a 5K, I ran three of them and a 10K (and in pretty decent times!) 

This year I’m gonna keep it simple:  I’ll continue to run and will run five 5Ks and two 10Ks this year.  I will weigh 15 pounds less at this time next year.  And thanks to Weight Watchers, I will be able to do this.  Anyone with me on the running or the weight loss?

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Time to tell you all that I ate a huge gyro omelet and potatoes for lunch yesterday, followed by a Five Guys burger and fries for dinner and then 1/2 of a Toblerone.  Not so good.  Moving on and focussing on today and the rest of the week.  I still plan on losing this week and there is only one way to do that:  stay on plan and focus my energies on things other than food. 

Anyone else have a tough day this week?  Gottsta stay on track or next week (Thanksgiving….) will be a mess.  About to hit the treadmill for a three mile jaunt followed by a long day (and three more long days…. ) at work.

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