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Week 7 had great results: I lost 2.2 pounds bringing my total loss to 10.2 I attribute this to a fierce but unrepeatable exercise regimen. This week, Allison was at her gramma’s house so I got to go to yoga or cardio barre class everyday this week.

I was pretty good at tracking this week too, I tracked every day and stayed within point range most days. The overages were balanced by activity, resulting in great weight loss. Yay!

This week: 2 yoga workouts, 2 cardio barre workouts, a couple runs, and good tracking. Let’s lose another 2, shall we?


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Here’s last years post about resolutions.   I actually completed some of these as well as a few from years past.  Here is the year before that’s list that included things from the year before that.  I’ve gotten through a good number of these things also.  From the big list I’ve finally gotten an anti-depressant (controlling not only depression but also previously undiagnosed OCD).  I’ve learned how to drive a car.  I’m not great at it yet; I haven’t gotten a license yet, but I could get your from Point A to Point B without killing you or any pedestrians.  I’m still no good at money or controlling what I eat.   

The most important two from last year I have completed:  I bought a treadmill and not only ran a 5K, I ran three of them and a 10K (and in pretty decent times!) 

This year I’m gonna keep it simple:  I’ll continue to run and will run five 5Ks and two 10Ks this year.  I will weigh 15 pounds less at this time next year.  And thanks to Weight Watchers, I will be able to do this.  Anyone with me on the running or the weight loss?

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This year I represent what is a fairly large group of people: people that have lost a lot of weight and struggled to keep it off. I have gained 21 pounds in 20 months, a pretty serious but pretty average gain for someone like myself. I found it to remarkably easy to lose 70 pounds (the last 10 pounds were really tough), and just as easy to gain 20 back. I have many excuses / reasons for gaining it back, one of the reasons being the most basic: I ate a lot more calories than I was burning. Very, very simple science and definitely not a cutting edge theory. And now I need to fix myself. Cause my diet is broken. I don’t mean diet in the lose-weight kind of way, just in the original definition (Dictionary.com, actually it’s definition # 4 here… but you can see what I mean.)

The things that I’m going to being working on today are:
1. Tracking food and counting points.
2. Eating more veggies.
3. Eating less processed / refined carbs.

These used to be my basics. And now they are basically forgotten. But I’m getting back to them this week.

Also, exercise has not been a factor here: I still exercise at least three times per week (this past couple of months it’s been running the Couch to 5 K running plan). I have done nothing but forgotten how to eat properly and it has really caught up to me. I personal trainer / Weight Watchers leader told me once that weight loss / maintenance is 90% diet and 10% exercise. I have to believe that to be true.

So yes, long time readers, you know I’ve said this before, and now the time has come. Spring is just around the corner. I’m running my first 5K on April 10 and I will have lost 10 pounds by then. I will lose the remaining 10 by July 9 (my 32nd birthday.) Let me know if you want to get on board. Cause it’s time. A change is gonna come.

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… for that New Year’s resolution where I say I’m going to exercise every day and eat only organice things, etc. But I can’t do that, because it wouldn’t be the truth. So here’s what I’m saying this year: this year I’m going to get back to 140 pounds and stay there. This year I’m going to walk to work as much as possible. This year, I’m running that damn 5 K that has eluded me for the past two years. Oh and I’m going to learn to better manage my finances. These are reasonable things that can be measured and attained. And they are things that need to be done.

Here is how I’m going to do it:
1. Buy a treadmill and use it to train to run the 5K.
2. Cook more meals at home. Pizza = body fat. It’s true.
3. Not buy clothes or extraneous personal items more than once every 12 weeks.
4. Pay off credit cards and not use them. Imagine a world where I didn’t use credit cards for everyday things like coffee. Wow.
5. Go to at least one Weight Watchers meeting every 2 weeks. I can’t commit to going each week because of my work schedule, but I think I can go every other week.

It starts today. It’s a revolution that I started with myself years ago. Now it will come full circle. For my health and the health and well being of my family.

Oh and do you want to join me? Motivate each other and get through another year of health and wellness? Comment below or hit me up on Facebook or Twitter.

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It’s actually been a fairly good week. My eating has been under control. I’m taking my vitamins like abig girl. I did the “60 Minutes of Hell” workout on Tuesday followed by part 2 of the “30-Day Shred” yesterday (I didn’t have time for the other 60-minute program) and I walked 3 miles. I feel pretty good about myself. And then I got a nice comment from a stranger. That’s always good for an ego boost.

Oh and I’m planning for the future: I’m doing the other 60-minute workout tomorrow morning. I joined a 12-week summer softball league. Look at me go.

You know what’s funny about a return to exercise? I have slept better the last two days and I feel motivated to do more cardio.

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Can I get a what, what for two or more days of nice weather in February?  It was in the 40s on Tuesday and at least 55 yesterday.  I got to walk both days and am feeling good.  I’m actually down three pounds already, but I can’t say it will hold.  It may be all water.  No biggie if it is, I need to lose the water weight first, then I’ll tackle the fat. 

It’s incredibly windy here this morning, so since I’m going to work later today, I’ll work out at home.  45 minutes of Wii Fit action should do it.  I love the free run, where you jog in place while you watch TV.  About as good as a treadmill.

Food’s been pretty good too:  cooking every day, and still snacking, but I bought some 1 point Breyer’s Fat Free ice cream.  I can eat a whole cup for 2 points and I throw some berries on top and some Fiber One and it’s a three point sundae.

I’ve found three new grocery store items that are to die for.  One is Jumbo Krispies:  giant rice crispies that are whole grain and only 1 point per cup.  Yippee!  Also, my new favorite bread is Arnold Select Sandwich Thin.  They look like a cross between a hamburger bun and a pita and are so good.  They are also only one point.  And finally, have you tried the new Fiber Plus Antioxidant Bars? They are better than Fiber ONe bars, by far.  They actually taste like real food and not like waxy chemicals (even though they are).  Yay for the scientists, I mean “chefs,” at Kellogs!

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So I was gone almost a week in Salt Lake City, where I had a great time, ate some terrific food from a micro-brewery, drank the remainder of my other meals and danced the night away. Oh and also, learned some stuff (you, know, that whole conference thing.) I only got to work out one day (because I was hungoever on the other days), but I did walk alot and danced every night. I gained 3 pounds, but most of it is just bloat.
So back on the wagon.

Butch and I are visiting Columbus in March and I’d like to look the same way I did when we moved away (which is about 7 pounds lighter and much fitter). We’re getting a lottle break in the weather here, so I walked to work yesterday and am hoping to get to do the same today. I also did Shred 1 and ran 20 minutes on Wii Fit yesterday. It was too much. I might just walk today, since I feel a little tired.
1-Month Challenge: Lose 7 pounds by March 12. Anybody want to join my challenge? Feel free to set your own goal, of course, and let me know what it is. I’ll do it by cooking better and watching my late night snacking, working out more (at least 3 times per week), and writing every bite.

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