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I had to weigh in at a different meeting time this week. I was up .2. No big deal. What is a big deal is the way I’ve been eating the past two days. What a mess. Ate a big chunk of lasagna at dinner on Friday night followed by a huge ice cream cone from Brusters (3 scoops in a “single” size? Really Brusters?) Yesterday started out great with a six mile run and a good breakfast and lunch. Dinner was a disaster (gyro and fries plus pita and hummus. The real problem: the pita and hummus was the only thing I really wanted….) Then went grocery shopping. I wanted some kind of dessert so I bought a fruit pie. I ate a hige slice and it WASN’T EVEN THAT GOOD. And I knew it wasn’t that good within the first two bites but did I stop eating it? No, of course not. Gah. I ate the whole thing. So. Of course I’m up today (up almost 4 pounds thanks to that eat-a-thon of garbage.) Starting today right: eating a good breakfast and admitting my faults here fot all to see. Back on track!


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Waaa.  I have been the worst WW ever.  I haven’t been tracking my points, I am now back to where I started a few months ago and need to give back my “I lost 5% sticker.”  I am still running, 3-4 miles a few days per week, so yay for that.  But running makes me hungrier.  Plus having any crunchy, carby things in the house is bad as is having any type of pie or cake or cookies.  And they keep showing up.  Some jerk keeps buying them (I’ll blame Butch here…) 

But so I’ll head back to a WW meeting tomorrow (I’ve missed quite a few weeks and there is nothing like the embarassment of weighing in publicly to make you pay attention to your diet.) And I’ll keep on trekking on the treadmill (I’m running a 10K in April and possibly a 5K before that!)  And I’ll get it together yet again.

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