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I get free things from Influenster to review. This month I got some Sally Hansen Airbrush Perfect Legs in medium. I’m surprised by how nice it made my legs look. I don’t know why I’m surprised.  It’s basically just tinted foundation for your legs. It camouflages my spider veins, and makes my legs look tan, not orange. It stayed put on a hot day, and didn’t streak. User error caused issues the first time I used it: I wore socks and possibly didn’t let it dry. It rubbed off some and let me with sock tan lines.

Recommended.  I also recommend that you sign up fo Influenster.  So cool to get free things to try. I’ve received things I definitely never would’ve bought or tried without it.


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Up 1

So I gained a pound this week. Actually,  I think I gained it yesterday.  I was exhausted yesterday and my allergies were really killing me. I didn’t eat anything too terrible but I did eat a bunch of pretzel rods with PB2 and yogurt and about a half of a cantaloupe. So I’m probably just weighing all of that and not actual weight.  Not stressing.

Things I was called this week by people who matter: an inspiration, tough, and, my favorite, a warrior. Better than the gross catcalling from people who don’t matter that I often get while running or on my bike.

I joined the National Bike Challenge. You track your biking miles on their website. I’m all about gamification so this is a good motivator. It syncs to the Moves app on my phone so I don’t have to do anything but ride. Love that!

No real challenges this week, so I should see a loss next week! As always, I’ll keep you posted!

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15 Total!

With 1.8 pounds lost this week, I’m down a total of 15 pounds. I can’t really see it yet, but some days I feel a bit lighter on my feet. It’s slow going (I’ll blame age, but it’s really just bad habits.) The only thing I miss about meetings are people clapping at each other’s successes.  Virtual clapping will have to do.

I made a great dinner last night AND a good dessert! Pork chops with a honey garlic glaze. Recipe from Pinterest. My nine year old picked it and it was a hit! Served with a baked potato and a salad. Sauce was 2 Points per 2 tbsp. You don’t use that much though, just brushing it on the meat.  I counted it as 1 Point.

Honey Garlic Pork Chops Recipe

Then dessert….my hubby gets credit for this one. 1/2 chocolate pudding mixed with 2 tbsp Cool Whip, stir in 1 tbsp PB2. It’s a chocolate and peanut butter mousse! So good. 4 points per serving.

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Weigh In Day

I’m up a tiny bit this week. .4 to be precise.  Not the end of the world, that’s for sure, but always disappointing to gain. I actually weighed less yesterday morning, which is REALLY disappointing. I ate a steak dinner last night plus a bowl of fruit at about 8 pm. I’m guessing it’s all that food is what I’m seeing here. It was all within my points, but it was a heavy (literally heavy) meal.

New week! We have a refrigerator full of fresh fruit for snacking and dessert and plans for cooking each night that I’m home to do so. When I work a Pirate game, I eat a sandwich when I get home. Not the best dinner, but small and within points.

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Down 3.6

I lost this week but I’m almost afraid to admit it to my Weight Watchers friends. I don’t have a good reason for the loss, and expected a gain. Maybe my scale is broken.  I lost 3.6 on a week where I overate on more days than I was on plan. I ate all of my weeklies plus more. I ate so much junk, it’s just incredible that I lost anything.

Here are the good things I did, which must have outweighed the bad: I walked alot everyday, I ran 5 miles on Sunday, I ate a lot of fruit and I drank a lot of water. Guess that worked. I hope it does train me or trick me into thinking that I can have too many weeks like this.

Starting date: February 27
Weeks: 10
Loss / gain: -3.6
Total loss: -13.6

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Not better

Things aren’t better yet. The husband brought home two huge bags of peanut butter filled pretzels. A snack like that is so impossible for me to stop eating. I ate them by the handful. A serving is 11 pretzels. I probably ate 100 of them. And of course I feel terrible today: bloated, heartburn, yuck. How else could I feel? Oh right, shameful. There’s always that.

This week I work a bunch of evening shifts, which some people might not see as a good thing. But it is for me. Working keeps me away from the kitchen and from snacks. It might be the only thing to get me through the week. I’d really like to lose the 2.2 pounds that I gained this week.

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Marathon relay: done! And done fairly well. 4.7 miles in 57 minutes for an average pace of 12:06 minutes per mile.

And then I ate like a hog the rest of the day. There is something about racing versus just running that takes so much more out of me. I do tend to run faster but the distance is similar to my training runs. So I ate too much: a big sandwich, a few wings,  a DQ Blizzard (that was my biggest mistake), some cookies…..A Blizzard is more than 20 points! I knew it was a lot when I was ordering it but didn’t expect that.

So I’m hanging in at the weight that I weighed in at on Friday. But I certainly know why. Today: back to good meals, and no cookies or starchy snacks. 

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