Well that’s disappointing. Last week I lost 2.2 and this week I gained it back.  I know why (I always do.) I ate so poorly. I had too many days and evenings that just weren’t well planned. I ate almost a whole pizza one night because I hadn’t eaten throughout the day (I didn’t have time, I had meetings that all ran long so I had no time between them.) I ate all of my weekly points by Sunday night. I ate almost a whole box of Girl Scout cookies on Wednesday. Even yesterday, the day before weigh in, I ate a meatball hoagie from Subway.  25 points worth of meatball hoagie later and here I am now with a 2.2 pound gain.

Plan for this week:  manage my weekly points better and have at least 20 left by Monday. Run a couple of times (one run is already built in. The Marathon Relay is Sunday.) Drink water. Nothing revolutionary, just the norm. Goal: lose the 2.2 I’ve gained plus another 2.


I lost 2.2 this week. I’m excited, because  I earned it, but surprised because yesterday the scale said I was up a little bit.  I can definitely feel it: my pants fit better and I feel a little lighter when I walk to work. As I said earlier this week: I feel like the program is finally starting to stick and be normal again, rather than feel like a trial. WW doesn’t fail me, I can only fail it. Major shout out to my Facebook and text WW buddies. I need you guys because I don’t have a meeting. Lots of love.

This week: more of the same. Walking and a couple days of running as I finish preparing for next Sunday’s marathon relay. Maybe I’ll bike to work after that is done. I’m a little gun shy on hills on the bike after a hard fall in November.

Solid Week

I’m having a fairly easy week. I ate all of my weekly points over two restaurant meals this past weekend but am sailing along over the rest of the week. Working a lot of evenings keeps me out of the kitchen. It does exhaust me which normally would lead me to some kind of carb-y snack but I’m hanging in there this week. Could it be? Has WW finally “stuck” again? Maybe…. we’ll see how weigh in on Friday and the next week goes.

I’ve found a new way to get a ton of protein: powdered egg whites.  One tablespoon is one Point and about 11 grams of protein. I mix it in with my morning smoothie and it seems to be making a big difference in my hunger levels late in the morning. I’m usually hungry again by 9:30 and yesterday it was 11 or so before I needed something.

Got to get a run in this afternoon (if it ever stops raining.) A week and a half until the marathon relay!

I lost my 1.6 this week to get to a total of 10.2 pounds lost since February 27. It’s good news but of course I’m disappointed that it isn’t more. But it’s still 10 pounds.  I always imagine those big gross tubes of ground beef at the grocery to visualize 10 pounds. Image below. Looking ahead to this week and hoping for another 2 this week.


I’m 2 weeks and a couple days from running a marathon relay. I have a approximately 5 mile leg of the race. I’m undertrained but I’ll get through it. After that I’m registered for a 10 k in September and am considering at Duathalon  (run and bike) on August 2. I need to have goals like a race to work towards or I’ll just quit running. I have a couple good workouts already planned for the week but need to work on meal plans.


1.4 pounds is what I want to lose this week. That will get me to a 10 pound loss in 7 weeks. Not great but I’ve lost weight on more weeks than I’ve gained. I already ate all of my weekly points but have earned 10 in activity so far. I’m in week 6 of a Couch to 10k. I did a run this morning will squeeze in another one tomorrow.

Other than that, we did the grocery shopping today and it was like a WW flashback to when I originally lost my weight.

List of products I bought today that “worked” for me originally:

Thomas Light English Muffins
Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt
Frozen Fruit
Morningstar Grillers Crumbles
Smart One/Lean Cuisine meals that are 6 points or less
Amy’s Veggie Burgers
93% lean ground beef
Frozen veggies

Any other things you eat each week? Looking for new things, but don’t like things with artificial sweeteners so I struggle with typical “diet” foods.

I use the Morningstar Grillers Crumbles to make chili. I use 1 lb of the 93% lean beef and a whole bag of MGC. It adds a lot of meaty bulk for 2 points per 2/3 cup.

And a new product I’ve never tried but that I’ve heard is great: PB2. If you use PB2 and have low point recipes, lay them down for me in the comments.

I had a great last four days! After the messy messy Easter, I was determined to have a solid four days until weigh-in on Friday morning.

I ate within my points Monday through Thursday, walked a lot and got a two mile run in on Tuesday. I even managed a restaurant meal (at Quaker Steak) and stayed within my daily points. I feel GOOD, really GOOD. It’s pretty amazing how good eating can affect everything about my mood and life.

So without further ado…. I lost 3.6 pounds this week! I’m pumped and am ready for next week!  I have a two mile run this morning, one on Sunday and couple more runs to get in throughout the week.  I’m on a Couch to 10k plan and am on a marathon relay team on May 3. I have about a 5 mile leg of the race.

Other than the running, I need to have 7 good days instead of just 4. I’ll eat all of my weeklies but not go over. I’ll prep for this with a good grocery store trip on Sunday evening.

Thoughts? The most shocking thing here is that Jenny Craig costs $600 per month!


CHICAGO — Trying to slim down? Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig scored the best marks for effectiveness in a review of research on commercial diet programs, but many other plans just haven’t been studied enough to evaluate long-term results.

The two plans are among the most popular and had the best evidence that dieters could lose meaningful amounts of weight and keep it off for at least a year, the review authors said.

Pooling results from several studies, the researchers found that Weight Watchers dieters lost an average of at least 8 pounds and kept it off for at least 12 months versus about 15 pounds for those using the Jenny Craig plan.

Most participants remained overweight, with weight loss of between 3 percent and 5 percent of their initial weight — but that’s a range that doctors typically recommend to achieve healthful benefits including lower blood pressure and cholesterol…

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