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Good Friday to you all. It’s my weigh in day! I lost 2.4 pounds this week! I’m thrilled. I had a couple of rough days but had more good days than bad. I’m feeling good. I also lost a Point from my daily allowance. That’s a win and also a worry! One less Point per day? Ack!!

Best meal I ate this week? Pork chops with a sweet & spicy rub. Pinterest link below. So good. Rub per chop is 1 point. I’ve also used it on chicken thighs.

Glazed Pork Chops – Brown Sugar, Cayenne Powder, Garlic Powder, Paprika – http:// http://pinterest.com/pin/65865213275970285/?s=3&m=wordpress

Off to run on the treadmill. I’m half-heartedly training to run the Pittsburgh Marathon Relay. I have about a 5 mile segment and I’m not nearly worried enough. It’s not even close to my longest run at my running peak (half marathon) but I still need to train. I’ve not run much in the last year so I’m starting from scratch. I’m on week 4 day 2 of the Couch to 10k.


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I had to weigh in at a different meeting time this week. I was up .2. No big deal. What is a big deal is the way I’ve been eating the past two days. What a mess. Ate a big chunk of lasagna at dinner on Friday night followed by a huge ice cream cone from Brusters (3 scoops in a “single” size? Really Brusters?) Yesterday started out great with a six mile run and a good breakfast and lunch. Dinner was a disaster (gyro and fries plus pita and hummus. The real problem: the pita and hummus was the only thing I really wanted….) Then went grocery shopping. I wanted some kind of dessert so I bought a fruit pie. I ate a hige slice and it WASN’T EVEN THAT GOOD. And I knew it wasn’t that good within the first two bites but did I stop eating it? No, of course not. Gah. I ate the whole thing. So. Of course I’m up today (up almost 4 pounds thanks to that eat-a-thon of garbage.) Starting today right: eating a good breakfast and admitting my faults here fot all to see. Back on track!

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So I’m back on WW.  This time I’m doing it online.  I like it.  I like tracking online and the reports that they offer.  If you’re online too, search for me at aconstant440. Meetings just don’t work for me at this point in my life.  I do love them though, so I hope to get to one occasionally! I’ve gained back some (a lot) of my lost weight.  I had lost 80 pounds.  I’ve gained back 30.  Bah.  Working it back off is tough.

I’m about two and a half weeks into program and I”m happy with it.  Points Plus still confuses me and to add insult to injury, they took three points away from everyone in the recent plan update.  I guess they’re trying to compensate for all of the free fruit they’re letting us eat.  But it is working (I a pound my first week and 1.4 pounds my second) slowly but surely. But I already see a difference in the way my pants fit (bloat-loss, I’m guessing) and I feel healthier, thanks to the large amounts of fruit and veggies I’m pounding every day.

I’m running too:  someone gave me a free half-marathon registration for the spring so I’m running  just two or three times a week to gear up for training.  Also gives me a few activity points to play with so that’s good too.

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Quick bullet points:

  • I lost 1.4 pounds this week.
  • I ran 16 miles
  • I journalled my food everyday, even though I overate on a few days.

This week I remembered what it is like to be hungry.  It had a been a while.  It is a familiar feeling to me and it is a sign that I am eating correctly on that day.  I’m not talking about being famished.  I’m saying that if you eat lunch at 1 pm, at 5 pm when you’re driving home, you should be hungry.  It’s how a healthy body works.  I don’t believe what WW says about always feeling satisified and never feeling hunger.  They say that hunger makes you overeat.  I disagree.  I think that hunger is a signal telling you that you are operating at a calorie deficiency.  And what makes you lose weight?  Calorie deficiency or burning more calories than you take in. 

At a recent engagement, someone asked if I had eaten a piece of cake.  An observer said to them, “She’s not allowed to eat that.”  To which I said, “I am allowed and I have already eaten two.”  It’s not easy to lose weight and eat two pieces of cake, but this week I can proudly say that I have done just that.  I also ate the rest of the meal offered at the same function and some other snacks and things throughout the week.  But I also know that those pieces of cake and the pasta salad and the other items that I ate (half a can of mixed nuts, a fundraising hoagie, a steak, a big chunk of chocalate) all count against me in the game of weight loss and that I have to write those foods down and count them.    The rest of the week was full of fruits and veggies and whole grains and lean meat and fish.  If it had all been full of those good Weight Watchers “Power Foods” I would have lost more than the 1.4 pounds that I did lose.

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